Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bag! Bag! BAG!

For an explanation of the title see this post from August. Meanwhile, I made a bag.
Black Pinstripe Bag
I am slightly in awe of it. It' so...normal looking. I used a blue bag I bought from Tie Rack about 5 years ago as the basis. I've used it constantly but wanted something slightly bigger and a bit more formal for work. I found the black cotton with the thin grey stripe at Rolls n Rems in Lewisham. It is already a light denim weight but I used some light interfacing to give it a bit more structure.
Black Pinstripe Bag - Inside
The grey on grey dot fabric I got last week was perfect for the lining. I added a pocket with one of my new labels on it.
Bag Label
The handles are from Etsy - this UK based shop - and arrived very quickly. I hand sewed them using 6-strand embroidery cotton.
Bag handles and clasp attached
The top of the bag had thicker interfacing added which also helps stabilise the handles and magnetic clasp. I am considering another one in this style in some sort of mental fabric with a massive bow on it. Haven't found the right stuff yet. Meanwhile I have a metre of dark grey cord waiting to become another bag. But I think I'll leave that to mature in my stash for now.

Some time ago I realised I had a need for a sewing bin. Something large enough to take scraps but small enough to sit by the sewing machine when needed. Last time the water went off I bought a 5 litre bottle and sure enough the bottom 6 inches or so of that seemed suitable. I've been using it in its naked plastic form for months now and today I finally made it decent.
Sewing Bin
I've got the green vintage stuff in my Etsy shop, but the star fabric is something someone has put on Spoonflower, although I have no doubt it is a NASA image which they do not own the copyright to. Incidentally Spoonflower is selling FQs for half price this week. I've loved the fabric since I got it but have never known quite how to do it justice. I think it works really well here.
Sewing Bin - Star Lining

Now for a bit more knitting. I'm back on the Minx jumper from months ago. One sleeve done and the other underway. Excellent way to spend an hour or two.


Deborah Greenwood said...

Hi Alex,
I am more than slightly in awe of it - you're a genius! I'd love to be able to buy several for Xmas presents. Any chance of them making an appearance in your Etsy shop?


You're right, it kind of doesn't look like YOU made it, but in a good way? Looks very professional. Very work. Very 'look here boss man I demand a raise because I'm worth it' work.

annarella said...

Your bag is A-mazing! One of the best, most professional-looking things I've seen recently. Hat off!

Anna xx

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