Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day of the Dentist

When I was visiting the Podiatrist in Dalston I asked him what made him decide to do "feet". He told me it was something he'd always been interested in. But it is an undergrad thing. So he was interested in feet at 18. I can't imagine that. But then I still haven't decided what I am interested in so maybe that's it. At my own Uni Halls in the first year I was on the same corridor as a doctor and a dentist (in that they were studying to be those). Also an accountant, a lawyer and several of those weirdy humanities people but I diverge. The doctor and dentist used to banter about which of them was better.
Apples to oranges
The dentist claimed his knowledge was more thorough because he spent almost as much time as the doctor just studying the mouth. The doctor claimed the dentists were only capable of learning that much and couldn't cope with the whole body. And that they were scared of genitals.
But seriously - to decide at 18 - earlier even - that all you want to do for the next 30+ years is look in people's mouths. How do people conclude that? Pretty amazing.

To cut a long story short - the dentist got me in the chair and went in with what I swear was a phillips screwdriver to "loosen" my wisdom tooth before then breaking out the pliers to finish the job. I am one tooth less wise then I was when I woke up. It left me feeling rather shaky - adrenaline I guess - and I've spent the rest of the day quietly crafting at home. I've cut out and assembled half a bag, prepared two napkins for sewing, aborted a frame purse, knitted half a stripy sleeve, sketched out plans for a sampler quilt and finished 16 fabric bookmarks.
Fabric bookmarks
Now I'll be taking a break for more painkillers. Ow.

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