Sunday, 7 October 2012

Framed II

I ended yesterday looking for those Bernard labels. It then occurred to me to print my own. While looking for the originals I found a sheet of cotton with a paper backing ready to go through the printer.
Printed Fabric Labels
Surprisingly easy to do really. And then a rotary cutter and a ruler later...
Fabric Labels
At Festival of Quilts I got some glue to use with applique instead of double sided fusable stuff and it works really well. The fabric is a little translucent but considering how cheap they are to make I'm not really bothered by that.
Fabric Label
Here are all the combinations. This one is for me and actually had an outing last night as a little change purse. The fabric is called "Dysfunctional Family" and I only bought it for this panel, which is one of many.
Red Purse Frame
This one is for a swap.
Tiny Silver Purse Frame
Then these three are for xmas presents:
Gunmetal Purse Frame
Gunmetal Purse Frame
Bronze Purse Frame
In fact...some of these are already finished...
Frame Purse in Button Fabric
Bet you can't guess what kind of swap it is. And then look how those labels turned out.
Frame Purses
Pretty cute huh? I really like making these and can see me making more once I get paid again.

After yesterday's post I decided to be a bit more proactive and so in place of the email Pooch and I met up to talk today. I was not at my best after a fun night out in Richmond yesterday but we had a good talk and agreed a basis on which we can move forward again. We are agreed though that neither of us can go through much more of this stop-start relationship type thing. But then we both want things to work out so we'll see how we get on.
You Are Going To Be Alright


Anonymous said...

Missed you today! Love the turtle purse, they are all really cute, please make more and put in your shop!

Ruth x

Nati said...

Hey, do you mind if I ask you where you get the purse frames... I am looking for some and they are prooving hard to find around here! If you have a UK company maybe they will ship :) thanks

knittingsal said...

They are great, please make some more for your shop, I love them

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