Monday, 22 October 2012


I got my doings from the Second Button Floozie Swap.
Button Tin - side
Isn't it pretty? My lovely partner even glued beads to the bottom corners to give it little legs like a table. The lid is beautiful.
Button Tin - top
And it's no less beautiful inside...
Button Tin - full
Button Tin - Inside
The buttons were lovely. I picked out a few immediate favourites but want to drool over them all in more detail.
Vintage Buttons
You see those two on the left with fabric backgrounds completely covered by resin? I think those are my most favourite ones so far. I just hope she likes what I sent her!

Meanwhile let's not forget the International Rainbow Charm Square Swap is on for January.
International Charm Square Swap Image
You can read more about it here and sign up for an email reminder for when registration opens in December.

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