Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bashing the Bishops (NaMoBloPo #22)

This makes me angry.
Screenshot of BBC news page about bishop vote
I'm not a believer. I don't care if the christians faff about and continue to put off people from following christianity. What I cannot stand is the idea that it is acceptable, on any grounds, to discriminate against someone on account of their gender. As a woman, am I less able to communicate with people than men? Does their God genuinely not want women in senior positions? Is their God threatened by Women? Perhaps their God fears women might stage a takeover attempt? Might oust them as God? Then there would be a WoGod presumably? And then goodness knows where it would end.


Nic said...

I agree with you completely but would like to say that not all Christians are Church if England and some if the other denominations are far more enlightened

Liz said...

As someone from a far *less* enlightened denomination, it saddens me a lot just from the human point of view.

One of the most senior female CofE clergy (and one who keeps being tipped as one of the first female bishops) was chaplain when I was at college, before women's ordination, and is a stunning example of intelligent, thoughtful Christianity. She's now 57. It seems it's a minimum of 4 years before this can be voted on again, and it seems tragic that both the church and Parliament will continue to be unable to benefit from the contribution of this really excellent person.

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