Friday, 2 November 2012

Great Colours for Fairisle (NaMoBloPo #2)

I've been collecting cloud pictures for a few years now. They're all in this set on Flickr. My idea, apart from just loving clouds, is that eventually I'll get a shot with the right balance of colours for the *perfect* fairisle jumper. But how to distil the colours from the photo?

There are lots of free tools (and paid for ones) but I've been using a free Big Huge Labs tool. BHL have a number of different gadgets that connect with your Flickr account to make this kind of thing really easy. So it was no bother to have a play. I started with a photo from Exmoor two weeks ago. This was my favourite day of my holiday - excellent craft and clouds.
Photo palette exmoor
This palette is pretty good but I'd like a little more blue before it's perfect. Compare this with a shot of French countryside from the Eurostar.
Photo palette france
Pretty beautiful but not as refined as the Exmoor one. Possibly the result of me being behind the glass of a fast moving train?! Then there is this one (I think from Haworth on a SkipNorth holiday) which has lovely blues but not enough brown.
Photo palette clouds

Speaking of browns...
Photo palette artemis
Some people don't need jumpers.

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