Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One More FO (NaMoBloPo #6)

I finished this at the weekend. I'd done the main ring a few weeks ago, having bought the pattern and fabric while in Somerset. The leaves, beads and a hanging loop were all that I added.
Patchwork Christmas Wreath
The leaves took a bit of experimentation. The instructions suggested using batting but I found this was too bulky so used a single layer of craft felt instead. One good tip - the leaves only need to have one 'nice' side so to make them I put right sides together and sewed *all* the way around. Normally you'd need to leave a gap to turn them inside out and then whip stitch the gap closed. Instead I used a seam ripper to slice lengthways along one side of the leaf and used that to turn it inside out, leaving all the edges intact.
Close up Holly on Wreath
A few riding hood red wooden beads from stash and I was done! This is a present for Mater so if you happen to see it Mumsy it will be on its way to you shortly.

If I were going to send xmas cards this year (it's not the cost of the cards that puts me off but the cost of the postage) they would have this image on.
Self-Portrait with Wreath
E-cards are still a definite possibility though...


Abbigail said...

You sound just like me! if there's a hard way to do it then that's how I do it! LOL. Love these purses!

Linda said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.


Denise :) said...

I *love* this!! Who's pattern is it? You did a fabulous job with it and the leaves are the perfect touch! :)

ps -- your word verification is giving me *fits* LOL! :)

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