Saturday, 3 November 2012

Seeing Stars (NaMoBloPo #3)

I was doing some digging on Flickr for english paper pieced patterns and found this Group. It combines EPP with foundation piecing so you have to pick between them but there were some lovely ones there. For example:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest


Then a search on Pinterest led me to another Flickr group where I was instantly in love with this pattern:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Aren't those colours divine? AND a genius in the group had created a template on A4 so you can cut out all the little bits, coat them in fabric and reassemble them. Cue my friday night (living the life chez byrne):
English paper pieced patchwork star
The fabric was just stuff I had enough of in my scrap box so not my idea of the perfect colour scheme but I rather like it. I think I might applique this and the one I made on Thursday to a cushion cover. I think overall I prefer the other one and so can see diamonds (ha) in my future.


Ellen said...

It's beautiful! I'm still a beginner at EPP but I love the concept. Thanks for sharing the Flickr groups - more pretties to drool over!

apartmentcat said...

Your Friday nights pretty much resemble mine! Only for me it's piles of wool covering the couch. =)
xx Katie.

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