Thursday, 8 November 2012

TV To Knit Things By Part 2 (NaMoBloPo #8)

A few weeks ago I did this post on TV series to knit along to. It got quite a few comments and hits and there were many suggestions. I thought I'd summarise them here.

Person of Interest
SDCC 2011 - Person of Interest Panel 02
I've gone from knowing nothing to addict in just a few weeks. The main character is played by Jim Caveizel (on the left above) who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's film. He is sooooooo nice to look at but, sadly, it's 0/10 for removal of shirt. He plays an ex CIA black ops guy (i.e. he killed people cleverly) and, like Minority Report but secreter, there's a machine that knows when someone is going to be involved in a crime. Loads of conspiracy stuff, excellent supporting characters. All good.

Silent Witness
I've not loved this but Becky commented to say she'd fallen back in love with it so maybe I should try again. BBC website link here. I guess this is kind of the english equivalent to CSI so if you're non UK you may want to try this.

Miss Marple
Oh yeah baby. I only left her and Poirot off because I never think of them as series. Whether it is Joan Hickson (the definitive Marple imho) or another they are all good. Got to love Marple.

The Killing (Danish version)
Tracy left a comment about this and is not the first to recommend it. I haven't got around to it but as she says "It is a bit tricky to knit to with subtitles, but you just need to make it a simple knit - completely worth it :)" I believe this is the one with 'the' jumper. Which reminds me. Lopi jumper tool anyone? This site and the accompanying Ravelry group is genius. Put in your measurements and gauge and then either adapt a standard pattern or design your own. Pure genius.

Rosemary & Thyme
Now bagqueen said Murder She Wrote was too corny for her while Ynot suggested this one. For me R&T is just too much. The two women in it are hamming it up so much - Felicity Kendal especially. I can't bear it. Give me Murder She Wrote anytime. Ahhh...Jessica
What would Jessica Fletcher do?

DCI Banks, Wire in the Blood and Scott & Bailey
I know nothing except they are all british.

I hope you've all enjoyed this little series and let me know if I forgot anything!


Ynot said...

Oh, you didn't like Rosemary and Thyme! So sad. But I often think that when something is foreign it takes on an extra "something." I'm American and for instance, I don't really like Murder She Wrote despite being a big Angela Lansbury fan. I got to see her as Mrs. Lovett in the original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd - completely awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love Wire in the blood, it was very dark and I'm not the biggest Robson Green fan but this is great and most of the stories kept me guessing till the end.
DCI Banks, think a male Vera ish.
How about he Vice
with Ken Stott who is amazing.

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