Tuesday, 25 December 2012

C is for C...C....C....Christmas!

Merry Christmas one and all! This is where I ate my christmas lunch, consisting of one jam sandwich and a big sainsbury's chocolate cookie.
Day two of volunteering went very well. Towards the end of my shift I took a call from an Outreach Worker who had come across a man sleeping rough. He had been in one of the Crisis shelters on the 23rd but thought it was like at the rest of the year when they can only stay for one night and then have to move on. Together with others in the Ops Centre we arranged for him to be picked up and driven back to the shelter he had been in and to stay there until the 2nd so he doesn't have to sleep outside for at least the next 8 nights.  There he'll have a dry, clean bed with the chance to have three meals a day, clean clothes, have a shower, a haircut, medical attention (including psychiatric if needed) and advice from people on the services he can access to try and get him  permanently off the streets. I only played a minor part in all that but to know that I've helped does give you a little glow that makes it all worth the effort.
Homeless Rough Sleeper

It's cold out there. If you can't donate your time think about donating a few pounds instead. 
Click on 'reserve a place' and enter any amount from £1 up.

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