Monday, 24 December 2012

C is for C...C...C.....Crisis

Go me!
Volunteering at Crisis at Christmas
My first day of volunteering saw me up at 5.30am and hard at work by 7.30am. I'll be there all week. It's rather nice to be helping out when otherwise I'd just be sitting about doing not much. Although I am not often doing not much. For example, I broke out the washi tape. 
Washi Tape Pen Pot
My formerly plain pound shop tin is now all cat and dotty. Also I had another chance to experiment with Nickerjac's Cricut. Sadly this did not exactly go to plan. 
Cricut Fail
I'd bought a new blade and done much research into how to cut fabric with one. I followed one tutorial, much encouraged by her description of it "cutting like butter". Mine cut more like a sword made out of modelling balloons. 
So. Right. Not to be put off I switched to just cutting freezer paper, which did indeed cut like a soft foodstuff. I then ironed the freezer paper shapes onto fabric, cut round them and glued (yes, glued) them onto bibs and onesies. 
Baby Bib with Star
A quick zigzag stitch around them and ta da!
Onesie with M
On some of them I plan to add a little hand embroidery. For example:
Bib with Arrow
This one is going to have "food" added to the blunt end. 

Just to finish... want to take part in an awesome swap requiring a yard of fabric? Sign up now!!
International Charm Square Swap Image

Now I'm off for a crafty Baileys. 

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