Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Presents!

Since NoMoBloPo finished I've occasionally missed writing daily but it was pretty time consuming. And time is something lacking at this time of year...because it is Christmas!! First presents have been wrapped and flown the nest.
Wrapped Christmas Parcels
I love this style of wrapping. It's the most trouble I've ever taken but it does make them look sweet even before you see what's inside. Some of them have secrets inside but others I can share. There are a few embroidered objects...
Embroidered Bus
(The blue ink is the vanishing pen that I need to get wet to vanish properly.) And maybe some insanely zany socks.
Orange Aztec Socks
I don't know very much about the recipient but I understand he is not insanely zany so I keep sniggering when I imagine the look on his face when he sees them for the first time.

I've also been grafting away on my accessories for sister Siany's wedding on Monday. She's so clever. An 11% payrise despite being 5 months preggers. They clearly want to ensure she comes back because she's so good at it. This is the belt I'll be wearing.
Button Belt
Don't ask how long it took to sew on all those fecking buttons. Base is some puce slightly elasticated lace designed for extremely sturdy underwear. I will of course be wearing a dress and not my polka dot pyjamas. I used poppers as the closure and they've worked pretty well.
Button Belt Poppers
The fascinator is ghastly. A wash out. Absurd. Don't talk to me about it. It never happened. It's probably a judgement for daring to suggest yarn bombing isn't an act undertaken by the highest among us through which we can understand their mightyness. So moving on let's talk about ice.
Square and Hexagon Ice
I found this on the inside of the lid of some tupperware while having a freezer clear out (that's how I roll). I've always been interested in ice since being told, as all children are, that no two snowflakes are ever alike. I suspect it's often a child's first introduction to the concept of infinity. I was already interested in how things worked when I found that out so it didn't start my interest in science but it definitely fanned the flames. A colleague in my first job after Uni had done her PhD in ice. I've never been interested in the details of chemistry but any physicist would proudly claim crystal structures as Solid State Physics and tell the Chemists to go back to their stuff in glass tubes. If this interests you the Wikipedia page is brief but good on the subject. Meanwhile, wasn't my tupperware pretty?
Square and Hexagon Ice
I wish I could have kept it.


nickerjac said...

That bus looks familiar :)

Harrysmum said...

Those Christmas stickers are fantastic - please tell me where I can find some! I have brown paper and gingham ribbon - they would finish things off perfectly!

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