Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Clear Liquid

The NHS Direct website has reassured me that I'm not dying and should drink 8-10 glasses of clear liquid a day. This confused me for a while (not difficult since I'm so tired I find myself confused by things like light switches and my feet). Did this mean cheap apple juice was ok but the posh cloudy stuff wasn't? And indeed it turns out that that is completely true. Juice is fine but nothing that has pulp in. Coffee and tea are fine but only without milk. Jelly is fine (?) as are fizzy drinks but not lumpy soup. And always be grateful you are not having a colonoscopy, at which point blue and red liquids are also out.
Funny Liquids
No smurf soup for you.

This has been the worst time possible to have this kind of flu-like cough/cold. It was my sister's wedding yesterday. She looked proper amazing.
Sian and Mark's wedding
I won't post any other photos though until the proper ones are issued as my blurry efforts don't do the wedding justice. I made it through the service with relatively little coughing and firmly seated but the confetti and then walk to the restaurant did me in and I had to leave. I don't blame her for being annoyed but I hope she understands I wouldn't have left if I didn't have to.

I'm off work today but tomorrow the exam results are due out and it's me who does all that. The one possible bright side is that being this ill now makes it (in my mind and do not question my logic) less likely I'll be ill when I volunteer for Crisis over christmas. Two years ago I volunteered and then had swine flu for three weeks and couldn't do any of it.
Muppet Christmas
It will be different this year.

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