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New header

I am going to leave it as it is for a while to remind me that "standard" size is not always the "right" size.

On the 10th day of Christmas...

As well as all my other lovely presents I got a bit of money and so decided to invest in a proper sewing box. It arrived yesterday!
I was slightly shocked at how orange the wood is. The picture suggested more of a pale ash coloured veneer but then we all know those warnings about monitor colours. Besides, it has grown on me.
I've tried to be terribly organised and give everything a proper place.
I know it won't last though! I had thought of covering it in stickers - like the sewing machine.
But somehow it looks a bit too prim and proper to be stickered.

I thought Angry Kitty looked like she needed some cheering up so I stopped off at Thorntons on the way home to find her a friend.
He didn't seem to make her any less angry so I ate him. Let's face it - he had it coming.

The man in the shop asked me what name I wanted on it. "Angry." I replied. He slowly raised one eyebrow. "This is someone's name?" he said. "More of their state of mind" was …