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Books 2011, 1-3

I have admired the Knitting on the Green book reviews over the course of 2011 and have several times added books to my own reading list as a result. I have decided to give it a go, but am not sure you're ready for this further insight into my warped reading habits. Incidentally, clicking on the images will take you to the relevant page on Amazon.

#1 "Pay Dirt" by Rita Mae Brown

This is one of a series that I am reading out of order as I get hold of them. It's a small town in Viginia and (stay with me) the Post Mistress is a divorcee with a cat and dog (a corgi - in case that swings it for you) and a farm which contains 2 horses, a possum, a snake and a barn owl. Also various mice and foxes and so on. There's also another cat that belongs to the owner of the town shop which is next to the post office. Why am I going on about the animals so much? Well they talk. But not to the humans (that would be silly). They talk to each other. So while the humans are solving the …