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Books 2012, #4-6

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#4 "The Old Fox Deceiv'd" by Martha Grimes

This is the second of this series which I've been reading out of order for about 5 years now. Something that astonishes me everytime I remember is that the author is an american woman, living in america. Yet she has these books *so* perfectly set in both london and more rural parts of england in the early nineties. The key characters are Chief Inspector Jury who is one of those men you just want to take care of. He's fine by himself and has various relationships as the series develops but you can't help feeling that you'd get on. He is friends with Melrose Plant, who should be an Earl but has given up the title much to the annoyance of his Aunt who is very believably ghastly. All the books are named after traditional english pubs. In this one, where Melrose and Jury have only met once before, you see the relationship between them develop while Jury res…

Dramatically Buttony

A rather deathly photo of me in my new Buttony.
I wore it to work today since I managed to give myself food poisoning the day before and felt in need of comfort. You know that feeling when you snuggle down inside a warm blanket? It's felt like that all day. Snuggly.
Cat snuggly.

I fell off the wagon a week or so ago and bought some purple and red Galaxy. I loved it for my Hitchhiker and tried to resist the brighter colours and was sucessful for months!
Red and purple. I've cast on a stripey jumper. Wheeee!

There is a beautiful moon tonight - it looks like the Cheshire Cat's smile hanging there in the sky. Which reminds me of this graffiti I saw in Brick Lane at New Year.

Mama's got a brand new....hat

Not really. Mater and I did try on many hats though this weekend. For sister's wedding. This was my favourite on her.

The photos of me came out a little blurry. In any case I have been on etsy. How do you like these apples?
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
I love this shop - the things are so delicate and beautiful looking. I broadened my search a bit and came across this. Isn't it astounding?
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
I know it wouldn't suit me! It's practically got free-floating polka dots. My outfit is not yet confirmed so I won't buy anything yet, but that peacock one is certainly quite astonishing.

My book reviews (and thanks to those of you who have enjoyed them!) have reminded me of the usefulness of Bookmooch (I didn't buy any of the books I reviewed) and introduced me to They're both free and both very handy. For instance, these are just a few of the books I'm currently offering free to new homes on Book…