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2 Good, 1 Not Bad and 2 Ugly

Let's at least start with the good - these are the soles of my first pair of fairisle socks.
I started them almost a year ago and finished one before casting on the second and then putting it away. I've almost finished the second in the last 4 days. I'm not crazy about fairisle socks because you lose the stretch (at least, I do). But I have enjoyed making up the pattern on the soles as I go along. The main pattern is a chequered heart thing which I'll try to take an in focus shot of at some point.

The other good is that I fired up the embroidery machine and did this to my dressing gown.
The blue pen round the outside is water soluble tailors chalk type thing and I just haven't washed it off yet. I made it as big as it would go which isn't very big because it is one of the presets, but I still rather like it. I used some variegated thread I had stashed away. I love blues and greens. Sadly the good...
...also brings us to the bad...
I'm clearly ok with the stabil…