Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2 Good, 1 Not Bad and 2 Ugly

Let's at least start with the good - these are the soles of my first pair of fairisle socks.
Fairisle Socks - Just the Soles
I started them almost a year ago and finished one before casting on the second and then putting it away. I've almost finished the second in the last 4 days. I'm not crazy about fairisle socks because you lose the stretch (at least, I do). But I have enjoyed making up the pattern on the soles as I go along. The main pattern is a chequered heart thing which I'll try to take an in focus shot of at some point.

The other good is that I fired up the embroidery machine and did this to my dressing gown.
Dressing Gown B
The blue pen round the outside is water soluble tailors chalk type thing and I just haven't washed it off yet. I made it as big as it would go which isn't very big because it is one of the presets, but I still rather like it. I used some variegated thread I had stashed away. I love blues and greens. Sadly the good...
Monogram B
...also brings us to the bad...
Torn Monogram B
I'm clearly ok with the stabilizer that goes over the top of fleece or towelling but not ok with the one that sticks to the back of thinner cotton. Made a hole in my summer dressing gown :( But hell, it could have been worse.

Our other 'ugly' contender is rather more annoying. My beloved Minnie the Minx jumper.
Too Big
In my head: "Hey, you know one of the reasons for doing jumpers in the round is so you can try them on as you go along?"
Me: "Yep, knew that."
IMH: "So why then do you keep leaving it til almost the end before trying things on?"
Me: "Er...."
IMH: "Is it because you are reinforcing the schema you have built around your self-image since 2003?"
Me: "Woah, getting a bit personal there."

...and so on.

As a rough estimate I would say it was 20% too big. Maybe 25%. That's a lot of "too" to the "big". Fuck.

So that just leaves the 'not bad' which is the finished Fairisle Jumper.
Fairisle Sleeveless Jumper
I used applied i-cord around the armholes and neck and it looks very nicely finished. It wouldn't have worked if they weren't steeks as it would roll but it lays very flat as it is and I'm pretty happy with it. Of course - being me - it is slightly too big and slightly too short but hell, it wouldn't be me if it wasn't in some way faulty.

I've felt a bit odd the last 36 hours or so. I went to my assessment for therapy on the NHS yesterday. Going over all the back history is always a downer - and this was the whole back history back to childhood, not just the divorce stuff - and then she told me I did need therapy but there was a three month waiting list. It's already been a three month wait to get the assessment. It's just another set back. "Just". It's put me off my stride though. I had a couple if dates lined up from Match but I cancelled them as I felt too stressed to try and be normal in front of anyone. I was thinking a lot about Pooch again and also about "Religion for Atheists" which I am reading at the moment. Alain de Botton talks about the innate desire to have someone look after us, whether it is a god or a person. Not necessarily like a mother, although there are "Mary" figures in most religions, but more like having someone to listen to you and tell you it will be ok. Thank god for Angry Kitty.
Fat Angry Kitty
Otherwise I really would feel like I was on my own.
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