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Showing posts from March 4, 2012

Meep meep

Here are the irish ladies socks. I think my photography skills are getting worse.
The pattern is almost like a mock cable when blocked. Very sweet and lovely to wear. Yarn is Artists's Palette Smootherino . Lovely to use. Project on Rav here.

I'm now about a third of the way through the 3/4 Hap Shawl - so maybe I'm actually about 1/4 through the whole shawl? (Maths joke) (kind of). I dithered about the second yarn and have gone with this orangey red one I got from a seller I met on twitter.
Details of yarns and pattern on Rav. The Solstice Yarn (red one) is a relatively thick fingering weight and has a lovely woolly, bouncy feel.

I thought I'd have a go at some distractions other than knitting. After the success of my resin experiments a few weeks back the bracelet blanks I ordered duly arrived and I poured my WWE bracelet last night.
It's not fully cured yet but I am rather excited about it. I'll describe who is who once it's done. I also had a go at a bit of…

Time Flies When You're Going Through It

Slight pause in blogging there. I had another 'depressive episode'. Or in layman's terms - went a bit loopy for a bit. As a result I am now mid-med-change and having therapy again and so on. One of the silver linings of this particular black-dog-shaped-cloud is that I am spending weekends at Mater's. As an example of the joys of staying there here is the cat giving us the quintessential money shot.
She's no lady.

On my most recent stay we went on a jaunt to Wiveliscombe (pronounced will-less-coom, I think, who knows) and found a place very similar to Liberty in London.
Inside, a staircase ran around what seemed to be the inside of the walls all the way to the ceiling. But then when you ventured up there were lots of tiny rooms all packed full of pretty fabric and kooky furniture. It felt like a house from Bramley Hedge. The coffee shop was very nice too and you should have seen the cake selection.
On the way there and indeed on my way pretty much everywhere I took pic…