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Books 2012, #11-20

Liz has posted more reviews. I can't help noticing her reading is far more varied and, ahem, intellectual, than mine. I have also been thinking recently that I've never been one for reading the classics. Therefore I went to the library yesterday and marched towards the classics section. I looked carefully for books that met my requirements, e.g.

They were by an author I recognisedThey were short (gently does it) So expect a bit more variation in my next bunch of reviews. Maybe. 
#11 The Floating Admiral by Members of the Detection Club The premise of this book is quite interesting. You take the key detective fiction writers of the time and ask them to write a chapter each of a detective novel. Each one has to take what the previous one has written and add to it. The list of names includes many immediately recognisable and others now forgotten: Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, G K Chesterton and more. So does it actually work? From my point of view the answer is...kind of. It&#…

I Wasn't Going to Start Anything New

I particularly wasn't going to buy stuff so I could start something new. Then I went to Canary Wharf (and fell off a Boris Bike in the process) and bought a duvet cover. It came with pillows. They were plain blue. They're not now.
I've started doing the same thing to the duvet cover. It's actually really time consuming.
Going to take much longer than I thought.

Then when I'd decided to stop that for the day I pulled out the small towel and facecloth I wasn't going to do anything with because I wasn't starting anything new.
The edges are curly at the moment because I zig zagged them and the blue lines around the edges are a water soluble marker but both with sort themselves out once it has a first wash.

I'm very happy with how both have turned out but also kind of angry with myself for making them when I could have been working on existing WIPs. Speaking of which - this is the shawl I blogged about last time.
I have decided to keep going and finish it bu…

Everything Seemed Normal at the Doctor's Surgery

She waved at the Doctor looking out of the top window as she walked past.

But then she realised....

....that was no Doctor.


Spots or Stripes

Anyone remember how Cadburys launched this big spots vs stripes concept a year or so ago? Apparently the campaign has ended. I can't say it had a great effect on me except that i have tended to buy my Wispas in the spotty wrappers just because polka dots are my first love. However, when spots are not available, stripes are my next choice.

In Amsterdam I bought a couple of Zauberballs in the same colourway intending to make a striped shawl along the lines of one of the Stephen West ones. I have used Zauberball to make socks before but thought the yarn was a bit too woolly to really do the job.
When I got back I started swatching in various patterns. By swatching I mean I cast on since this was going to be a fairly plain V shawl so it made sense to do the swatches like that. I did this four times. Ripple in 4x4 stripe with garter row, ripple in 2x2 stripe, 2x2 plain stripe, 4x4 plain stripe. It wasn't working. So I switched tactic and looked for shawls previously knit in Zauber…