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A House of my Own

This seems about as close as I'll get any time soon to owning property.
I was looking for some little wooden blanks to paint into houses since my trip to Amsterdam. I first saw some tiny ones in Prague in about 2003 and the large ones in Amsterdam souvenir shops reminded me of them all over again. There are lots on etsy...

Source: via Alex on Pinterest
...but I wanted to make my own. I should have known that it required merely a word in my Dad Rob's ear.
He is an electrician and general manly crafter. He made these out of some scraps. I love them.
I'm tempted to lightly oil or varnish them and leave them as they are but I am going to give the painting a go. Onward, ever onward.

The cat is now firmly out of the bag and Nickerjac has announced her nuptials. There has been much planning and discussion already and my first task is to make two waistcoats. I was idly strolling along the road thinking of this when I stopped in my tracks. Well, she will need a cake, right…


I love these.
I've got two kits for the bronze ones in my etsy shop but I've kept the silver ones for myself. Yippee! Also while perusing Etsy I came across snag free stitchmarkers. Now I have heard of such a thing before but didn't like the weird stringy appearance of them. The ones I found were much nicer true craft whore style...I have copied them.
Hands up mine are not as good and lack finesse and I encourage you to go and buy the originals, but I rather like them.

Having launched my business - I Block Your Knitting - I do feel more strongly drawn to lace then last week. I'been looking at what is in my queue on Ravelry and do rather fancy this lace hoody. Thing is I very rarely buy more than one skein of a sock yarn. In fact I never buy more than one. And this top needs 5. And with indie yarns that means £50 easily. Hmmm...rethink....

I Block Your Knits

I discussed this with the Romford Knitting Group a few months ago. After much thought and deliberation here it is...
I Block Your Knitting
It is exactly what it says - you post me your item, I block it and I post it back. I've got a special introductory offer.

Shawls are just £10 plus postage. 
Even if you don't need anything blocking drop by the website and give me your feedback. All comments welcome.

Past Achievements

I have spent this weekend at Mater's, communing with cats and making a start on the curtains for the barn. Large check red gingham with a small check matching red gingham bottom border. Sewing projects at Mater's require the use of The Sewing Box which is one I used to use when I was but a littl'un. Behold.
The applique was my first attempt at such a thing having been reading a seventies craft book in wide eyed amazement at what could be achieved with needle and thread. The fabric, I fondly remember, was from a pair of pants that had lost their elastic. Embroidery thread was something to be had from the market for something silly like 10p a skein and I used it endlessly for both embroidery and friendship bracelets and for darning pairs of tights and jeans and anything else that needed two bits holding together. At one point a friend of my Dad's declared her embroidery days were over and I almost passed out with joy as she handed me a carrier bag full of tangled skeins …