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We're both going to the zoo tomorrow...

This is what my colleague and I were singing on Tuesday when we left the office. We were on our way to Bristol to go to the zoo...for an event I had organised. It went really well and was structured such that we both got the occasional half hour to sneak off. I got bitten by a Lorikeet.

I am not a big zoo aficionado and prefer that if animals have to be kept in captivity they have somewhere like Longleat to live in, but as far as zoos go Bristol's is very good. Sadly I couldn't go too far because of my amazing legs. It turns out the 'shin splints' diagnosis I was given in January was WRONG. Not only wrong but the exercises they gave me were making things worse. I actually have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis in BOTH legs. Yes, it is very painful. I have to walk as little as possible, use ice packs at least twice a day, sleep with my legs elevated and avoid ibuprofen unless I can't stand the pain. I'm having insoles made that should help but in the m…