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Yesterday, when blah blah blah

Pooch took me out for an extremely posh and nice dinner last night. I basically killed it in knee high red boots and an original 1964 clutch bag Mater had given me for my birthday.
Because yes, it was my birthday yesterday. I had a pretty awesome day. Multiple presents (that's the way uhuh uhuh I like it uhuh uhuh) including a solution to the cat conundrum I had not previously considered from my sister.
Plus the aforementioned bag.
Isn't it amazing? Look at this attention to detail. Little divuts cut out where the shoulder strap finding pops out if you choose to use the shoulder strap.
They don't make em like that anymore. Not in Primark anyway.

The day itself was spent in leisurely pursuit of a tidy flat and a few more rows on the lace shawl. Both achieved and having suited and booted myself I was off to Hawksmoor in Guildhall (near Bank). It was well lush. Lush that is until about 3.30am this morning when I started feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Pooch tells me it can…

Books #27 - #31

So much for blogger saving draft posts. This is the second time I've written this. Curse you blogger!

#27 Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance
by Gyles Brandreth

A rather odd story full of juxtapositions - sexuality vs abstinence, poor vs rich, adoration vs loathing, london vs paris etc. Oscar starts the book by discovering a murder but doesn't tell anyone or report it until the body has been removed and the netire room stripped and polished. With beeswax. Conan Doyle again turns up and Oscar's similarity to Sherlock and then Mycroft Holmes is emphasised as he jumps about coming to all sorts of conclusions. The charactors in this are well written but I have some toruble believing that so many of them could be such good liars. Lies are very tiring and hard to keep track of, in my experience.

#28 I am the only Running Footman
by Martha Grimes

A Martha Grimes book and a good one. These books all look like they'll be typical 'cosies' until you get into them. They…


Sister 1 came to visit this weekend. It has been pretty epic and is not over yet. The goal was the acquisition of her wedding shoes (she gets married in December). Goal acquired.
We celebrated the finding of the shoes (Irregular Choice) in somewhere I didn't even know existed outside of Brighton. Choccywoccydoodah has a shop and cafe just off Carnaby Street. For the sake of my ever expanding wasitline it is probably best I didn't know it was there.
The shop contains examples of their fantasy cakes. The cafe upstairs is like somewhere vampiric, chocolate-loving, ladies-who-lunch would hang out.
Sian looked like she was about to be crowned by the ludicrous lampshade.
We had accidentally found the wedding shoes in the first shop which theoretically meant game over, go home. But no. Five shoe shops and a Beyond Retro later and my plates of meat were doing the tendinitis tango and I had to head home. Sian bravely carried on. She's a trooper.

She got back to find me knitting. Wh…