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Putting your New Foot Forward

My journey to conquer the tibial tendinitis (not "labial" as spellcheck keeps trying to change it to - can you imagine) has reached a new stage. In between causing bruises on my calves the Podiatrist gave me these yesterday.
If you knew how much they cost you'd be as excited as I am.
He had created a cast of my feet a few weeks earlier and measured my legs and these were the result. They force me to walk properly rather than tipping outwards with each step. What suprised me though is how the highlight the differences between my legs.
The one on the right is about 5mm higher than the other to make up for the difference in length. I know none of us are truly symmetric (think of the men you know) but it's still quite surprising to see it illustrated like this. I'm to wear them for an hour extra each day until I am wearing them all the time and should expect to feel quite knackered for the first few weeks as my body is forced to work harder than usual when walking. B…

Five Inspirations

1. Onesie with some awesome motto printed on it - could use foam letters and fabric paint rather than needing to be fancy about it.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

2. Woven patchwork using a jelly roll. Instructions are for a rug but a baby blanket would be nice too.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

3. A Galaxy Dress using bleach and fabric paint. You know how much these are usually? Where can I get a black shirtdress for cheap?

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

4. Rolled Paper Vase (from Mary Jean's Things Etsy Shop)

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

5. Use the base of a poundshop laundry basket to make polka dot walls

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I love Pinterest for keeping track of all these ideas although you do need to make sure you credit things properly - not least so they link back to the original tutorials. There is so much craftyness out there! It makes me happy to know there are so many of u…

The Theme of this Week is Brown

I am not amazing at sewing straight lines. My mind wanders. This was therefore not a natural project for me - but was something I'd been wanting to try for a while. Bargello Patchwork.
I have loved Bargello Embroidery for a long time and became intrigued by the patchwork after seeing some at the Festival of Quilts. The larger pieces are pretty mental.
The one above is actually quite 'normal' compared to the ones I've been looking at with the assistance of the "Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts" book (non-affiliate link) and if you look at that click on the extra images for more mind bending examples.) It all starts with strips the same width being sewn together going from light to dark in your chosen colourway.
There is also much emphasis on ironing your seams one way or another.
I stuck with this for this stage but regretfully failed to follow through and am seeing the consequences now. Luckily my aim for the finished object doesn't succeed or fail on the …