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Showing posts from July 15, 2012

Wedding Dress

I think I have found the dress I'll wear to my sister's wedding in December.
It's been a touch choice but I wanted something vintage and with long sleeves as it will be fricking December. Looking at the photo I can't help noticing it is pretty much transparent so I'll need a slip from somewhere. Can you get long sleeved ones? Intriguing. I got it from Etsy.
I'll have to maintain vigilance in looking for a suitable belt. The one in the photo was just the closest to hand. A dark brown leather one would seem suitable.

Yesterday I picked up a UFO which I started as a wedding present for friends who have just celebrated their third anniversary. I was making a double bed sized blanket in squares but doing it in strips so the only joining was lengthwise along the long strip edges. "Only". This "only" joining was my epic task yesterday. I had done four strips but have only sewn three into the blanket (now single bed sized) and will use the other to …