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This week I spent a day at the Olympic Development Authority's offices at Canary Wharf. It was for work - filming some interviews.

We were there to use the view as the background.

You can see why that would be desirable. The 23rd floor gives you quite a view. To spot the Park it's easiest to look for the red Orbit Tower then you'll see the Stadium next to it.

Sadly the best laid plans... After a few days of dull skies it came over all sunny. Too sunny. With that in the background no amount of light could prevent our interviewees from looking like Crimewatch informants.

But it was still a great view. Especially with the DLR trains underneath.

Like nothing more than a giant train set.

I've been doing a massive amount of sewing this week but nothing much to blog as I don't want to giveaway what the Groom is wearing before the wedding next weekend. Suffice to say he'll look snazzy.

My Games Teacher Would Never Believe It

I am excessively excited.
Never before has so little meant so much to so few.