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Showing posts from August 26, 2012

A Little Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Have you seen the film from last year called "21 Jump Street"? It's hilarious. I'd recommend it. Don't be put off by Channing Tatum. He's actually very funny. One of the scenes is where they go into a modern high school and to their amazement find it's quite cool to be clever and environmentally responsible and so on. I couldn't help doubting that this is the case in many modern schools but I was reminded of it again at work last week when I mentioned that my Gamification course was starting yesterday. Immediately the criticism begins.

"Ewww, why you doing a course on that? It's all about mind control"
"Don't believe what they tell you on the course. It's all the government trying to control how we think." "You should watch this documentary on youtube before you do anything."
"I've seen loads of documentaries about it and you don't realise what you're getting into."
It reminded me of when…

Back to Crafting

I haven't posted about what I've been up to craftwise for a while so here is a big catch up. First up I've been knitting the Stitch Sampler Shawl (rav link). Nickerjac pinned it and I loved it at first sight. The yarn is not 100% ideal but it is nice to be using my favourite Marble again.

I've also finally made some beads I got in the John Lewis sale into a necklace.
You know me and my polka dots. I also wove the cord myself out of two shades of dmc cotton.
I wanted something three dimensional and thick enough to knot between the buttons but not shiny or distracting from the beads. I think it's worked quite nicely! I must do a tutorial on the weaving technique too. You use an odd number of double strands - then it's a matter of a mixture between plaiting and finger knitting.

Then my attention turned to the Kaufmann Jelly Roll my Mum gave me at Festival of Quilts. I unrolled it and, after a bit of maths, arranged the colour groups into 5's.
I am using a patt…