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Showing posts from September 9, 2012

Ways I have been Saving Money in 2012

This is not a sponsored post. I just can't believe others aren't doing some of this stuff.

There are three things I've been doing this year to reduce what I spend on things. None of these have caused a change in my spending habits - they've just let me shop as I normally would while not paying as much. But it does rely on my being, by preference, an online shopper. Sure, I occasionally have a blow out at Festival of Quilts or in a shop but generally I buy online. So let us begin.


I keep telling people about this and they don't believe me or think it's a scam. But look at this image of my dashboard and where it says it has paid me £211.81. That's since January.
That's money I either got back as a percentage of what I spent or that I was given by companies for trying their service for a week or even by standing outside a high street shop and pressing a button on a phone app.  This is how it works:
If I want to buy something online - a pair of shoes …

Fairly Fairisle

In a recent post, the one with the testicles in, I shared the chart I was using for a fairisle and said it was melodic to be swapping between the two colours. Well screw that. The music died. Trying to do fairisle in about eleventy three shades of blue green when the evenings are getting darker turned out to suck so I changed it to swapping the main colour but keeping the contrast as light grey.
This is definitely going to be one of those ones where you see the pattern best from a distance. It may also become cat blanket in about 5 years time when I finally give up but I'm going to hang on with it for a while longer and see how it develops.

While I continue to ponder the charm square swap (4 votes in favour) there is a "Scrap Vomit" Swap taking place on Swap-Bot. You send 3 people a bag of 49 x 2.5" squares. So that's 147 x 2.5" squares I need to cut. Thank god for my rotary cutter and quilting ruler. Anyone can join so click on that link to find out more.

Any Interest in a Charm Square Swap?

I have been searching all over for a Charm Square Swap and I can't find one. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to run one and then I came across this post...
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
...which basically decided it for me. But I'm still not sure how much interest there would be. Hence the poll at the bottom of this post.

A charm square is basically a square of fabric. That's it. For swaps they are usually 5" square but other sizes can be used. Swaps can have a theme (i.e. reds or i-spy) and usually have a few rules (like only using new, unwashed fabric from a named designer).

Everyone in the swap cuts their fabric into the required number of charm squares then sends them to the host with a stamped addressed envelope. After the deadline the host shares out the squares between the swappers and sends them back to them in the envelopes they provided. The only cost is for the fabric and the postage.

You can get 24 five inch squares…

Blog Hopping

I've been searching for charm square swaps recently and can't seem to find any in the UK. Do UK quilters not swap or am I just looking in the wrong places? While looking though I came across Sew We Quilt which hosts blog hops. I'd missed signing up for Dot on Dots (you know how I love those polka dots) but have been visiting all the blogs taking part this week. You can see them all here and see the blogs involved on the Sew We Quilt website.

I was in time to sign up for the U'R Priceless Blog Hop though.
I enjoyed the few I've made since doing a course last year and am looking forward to doing a few more for xmas presents.

Huge Woolly Testicles

Little bit of urban wildlife for you today. I went to Mudchute Farm which is all of about 10 mins walk from my flat and right by the DLR station I've been using for 18 months. First visit since I moved here, naturally.
Walking down the paths it's easy to forget you're in London. The Farm is tucked away, separated from the main park. It's pretty big with lots of animals. It being 28 degrees they were all fairly droopy.
It was hot enough to want to stretch out with them but there were all these signs about not snogging them and so on for hygiene reasons so I held off.
This was probably the third largest pig there. The biggest was a big pig. About 7 feet stretched out on the floor with it's head away from me. As I contemplated it, it farted.
Then I saw the largest pair of woolly testicles I've ever seen. Here they are.
Nice horns.

Just when things were getting weird I saw a chicken with a saddle.
Now of course you can't have a race with just one so sure enough…