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Showing posts from September 16, 2012

All of a sudden...babies

Not me. People. People suddenly seem to be pregnant all around me and so I am looking to craft suitable gifts. It made me pause and wonder how many of these lovingly crafted items are actually useful to mother and child (and perhaps even the father).

With so many things available for small amounts from places like Matalan or IKEA is it even worth making anything from scratch or is embellishment a better plan?
Bibs for example. Make or buy and embellish? Personally I am a big plan of the ones with "These idiots put my cape on backwards" written on them. I assume you need them to be absorbant so is quilting cotton really the best stuff to use? The matalan ones seem to be vaguely towelly.

I always think you can't go wrong with a blanket.
Has to be machine washable though of course, but then you hit the minefield of colour.

What about toys?
I wouldn't want to put knitting in my mouth but then babies do a lot of things I wouldn't do now I'm a bit more aware. But h…

My First Treasury!

I have been featured in someone else's Etsy treasury for the first time.
So exciting! You can see it online here. My Etsy shop is here.