Saturday, 29 September 2012

Money's Too Tight To Mention

It does seem like everyone is talking about money at the moment. Namely their lack thereof. Friend at work is considering moving to a smaller house because his income is no longer enough to support a wife and young kids with. Everyone else is broke. I'm not able to save anything any more because of the Relate sessions. I've started wondering whether I really need things I pay for each month.
Prime regrets sending Megs to do the shopping! Plastic 52 (16/52)
TV license for instance. I hardly ever watch live TV anymore. But I do record things from live TV with my DVR. I discovered today that Murder She Wrote isn't available on the ITV Player. That's basically a deal breaker. TV license is about £14 a month and the cheapest box set of all 12 series I could find is £61.50 plus postage. Hardly worth cancelling really considering I will occasionally watch Dog the Bounty Hunter or something.
Dog the Racist scumbag
Basically I've been through everything and don't see how I can cut down. Yet at the same time the cost of living is heading ever upwards while pay rises are a hey-I-almost-didn't-spot-you-there 1% when they happen. Bleh. Maybe I should move. I could get a Zone 4 place for £150-200 less a month. But then the travelcard is an extra £500 a year plus extra travel time. Tsk. I used to want to own my own flat so much. In fact what am I saying, I still do. But, I'm pretty sure even one of these is out of my reach at the moment.
Gingerbread house
And let's not forget what else is coming up:

I believe that is about 11 weekends. I have already started knitting and sewing presents (from stash of course). I don't think any of us are thinking of our stash's as pensions any more. Mine is certainly now a recession buster rather than a pension fund. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Greatest Achievement To Date

It is finally finished.
Complete with label on the back.
It really has taken that long to do. Started back here after I'd seen someone else's version of this quilt on Flickr. All the way from tracking down the pattern book, choosing the fabrics, cutting, paper piecing, assembling, arranging, rearranging, sashing to quilting and binding. Phew! And now... this is going to be a long line if pictures of the individual squares.
Square one
Square Two
Square  Three
Square four
Square five
Square six
Square seven
Square eight
Square nine
Square ten
Square eleven
Square twelve

Mmmmm. Chuffed.

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