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TV to Knit Things By

I do a lot of knitting while watching episodic crime series. A number of these are American but regardless of who made them I am always on the lookout for new ones so leave a comment if I've missed a good one. I acquire these episodes in a way that pater, as a solicitor, would not approve of but they are generally available on services like netflix or sky+ and so on. I'll go for alphabetical order.

No list like this could be complete without these three - that is CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI: New York. I've watched both of the others but cannot stand Horatio on Miami and got sick of New York so I'm back with the original. I almost baulked when Ted Danson - with hair as white as his teeth - popped up as the head of lab (for those a few series behind Grissom is gone but oft referred to). But it's turned out even though they've robbed his character of the quirks it had when he first joined. CSI is up to its 13th series so if by any chance you haven't seen a hund…

It Is Amazing How Quickly You Can Find Yourself Talking To Chickens

There's five of them. They're mental.
The ones I refer to are real and distinctly non chocolatey. They love lettuce. Who loves lettuce? Cocktails, yeah, But lettuce?
I found myself talking to them within minutes of arriving. AND I'm carrying the cat past them because the cat...the predatory if-it-bleeds-i-can-eat-it scared of them. I let her out and she bounded through the door and executed what I swear was a complicated salsa move to redirect by 90 degrees without losing speed in order to avoid them. I swore I wouldn't do that. Ha.
But then who knew the cat was a chicken.