Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bag! Bag! BAG!

For an explanation of the title see this post from August. Meanwhile, I made a bag.
Black Pinstripe Bag
I am slightly in awe of it. It' so...normal looking. I used a blue bag I bought from Tie Rack about 5 years ago as the basis. I've used it constantly but wanted something slightly bigger and a bit more formal for work. I found the black cotton with the thin grey stripe at Rolls n Rems in Lewisham. It is already a light denim weight but I used some light interfacing to give it a bit more structure.
Black Pinstripe Bag - Inside
The grey on grey dot fabric I got last week was perfect for the lining. I added a pocket with one of my new labels on it.
Bag Label
The handles are from Etsy - this UK based shop - and arrived very quickly. I hand sewed them using 6-strand embroidery cotton.
Bag handles and clasp attached
The top of the bag had thicker interfacing added which also helps stabilise the handles and magnetic clasp. I am considering another one in this style in some sort of mental fabric with a massive bow on it. Haven't found the right stuff yet. Meanwhile I have a metre of dark grey cord waiting to become another bag. But I think I'll leave that to mature in my stash for now.

Some time ago I realised I had a need for a sewing bin. Something large enough to take scraps but small enough to sit by the sewing machine when needed. Last time the water went off I bought a 5 litre bottle and sure enough the bottom 6 inches or so of that seemed suitable. I've been using it in its naked plastic form for months now and today I finally made it decent.
Sewing Bin
I've got the green vintage stuff in my Etsy shop, but the star fabric is something someone has put on Spoonflower, although I have no doubt it is a NASA image which they do not own the copyright to. Incidentally Spoonflower is selling FQs for half price this week. I've loved the fabric since I got it but have never known quite how to do it justice. I think it works really well here.
Sewing Bin - Star Lining

Now for a bit more knitting. I'm back on the Minx jumper from months ago. One sleeve done and the other underway. Excellent way to spend an hour or two.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day of the Dentist

When I was visiting the Podiatrist in Dalston I asked him what made him decide to do "feet". He told me it was something he'd always been interested in. But it is an undergrad thing. So he was interested in feet at 18. I can't imagine that. But then I still haven't decided what I am interested in so maybe that's it. At my own Uni Halls in the first year I was on the same corridor as a doctor and a dentist (in that they were studying to be those). Also an accountant, a lawyer and several of those weirdy humanities people but I diverge. The doctor and dentist used to banter about which of them was better.
Apples to oranges
The dentist claimed his knowledge was more thorough because he spent almost as much time as the doctor just studying the mouth. The doctor claimed the dentists were only capable of learning that much and couldn't cope with the whole body. And that they were scared of genitals.
But seriously - to decide at 18 - earlier even - that all you want to do for the next 30+ years is look in people's mouths. How do people conclude that? Pretty amazing.

To cut a long story short - the dentist got me in the chair and went in with what I swear was a phillips screwdriver to "loosen" my wisdom tooth before then breaking out the pliers to finish the job. I am one tooth less wise then I was when I woke up. It left me feeling rather shaky - adrenaline I guess - and I've spent the rest of the day quietly crafting at home. I've cut out and assembled half a bag, prepared two napkins for sewing, aborted a frame purse, knitted half a stripy sleeve, sketched out plans for a sampler quilt and finished 16 fabric bookmarks.
Fabric bookmarks
Now I'll be taking a break for more painkillers. Ow.

Monday, 22 October 2012


I got my doings from the Second Button Floozie Swap.
Button Tin - side
Isn't it pretty? My lovely partner even glued beads to the bottom corners to give it little legs like a table. The lid is beautiful.
Button Tin - top
And it's no less beautiful inside...
Button Tin - full
Button Tin - Inside
The buttons were lovely. I picked out a few immediate favourites but want to drool over them all in more detail.
Vintage Buttons
You see those two on the left with fabric backgrounds completely covered by resin? I think those are my most favourite ones so far. I just hope she likes what I sent her!

Meanwhile let's not forget the International Rainbow Charm Square Swap is on for January.
International Charm Square Swap Image
You can read more about it here and sign up for an email reminder for when registration opens in December.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week One of the Holiday Complete

My last post got a lot of comments and suggestions so I'll follow up on them in a few days once I've researched all the extra shows you've recommended. Meanwhile, what did I do with my first week of holiday?

Out and about I went to Cheddar Gorge of which I'd heard much but never seen. If you like caves, you should take a trip.
Cheddar gorge cave 14
Cheddar Gorge
I also took a jaunt over to Step By Step Patchwork in South Molton which is a fabulous fabric shop. I spent about 90 mins just meandering around, stroking fabric, choosing a charm pack (oriental metallic blends), picking up a xmas kit, and generally wishing I could move in there.
Step by step shop in south molton
Rainbow Bag Sample
Fortunately I'd kept stopping on the way over to take photos as on the way back it was torrential rain. The views on Exmoor really are fantastic.
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor Rainbow
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor
No wonder I spent the time smiling.
Plus a full rainbow.
View of Exmoor

While there I really got to know the chickens.
Eating Chickens
They really will do anything for lettuce. Can't think why. They're so much better than they were when they first arrived from the battery farm. Tonnes more feathers and roaming around all over the front and back gardens. The cat was also a darling.
Sleepy Artemis
That's one of the 10-stitch-blankets under her, knitted by my fair hand. You see those paws? And how the pads on her 'toes' are dark or pale depending on the fur colour? Sooooo cute. Paw-over-nose is her preferred sleeping position.

I also finished the body of my fairisle cardi.
Fairisle Jumper - body
And hand-sewed the paper pieced hexagons for my cushion cover's front.
Hexagon Patchwork
So basically, I've had a great time and Mum and Dad agree we are going to make it an annual thing so I shall we doing more of the same next Autumn. And still another week of this holiday to go!

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