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Lest We Forget (NaBloMoPo #11)

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."

Lucky Number 10 (NaBloPoMo #10)

I've never made it this far through a National Month of Blog Posts before without missing one.

That is all. 

Wrong Handed (NaBloPoMo #9)

My understanding is that most people are by nature right or left handed. It's a natural preference to use one over the other for particularly manual, dexterous  tasks. The occasional person is ambidextrous and goes both ways but that's fairly unusual.
On Tuesday I woke up with a really painful shoulder. It's kind of inside the shoulder, behind the scapula. It hurts when I do most things including typing so a short post. But knitting, using a mouse, sewing with my right hand - those all make it worse. It is gradually easing but it's bloody annoying in the meantime.
So I've moved my mouse to my left at work and tonight I tried sewing some patchwork pieces together using the needle in my left hand. It was about 1/4 the speed of my right but not actually that hard - and I've found the same thing with my mouse at work. It all has me thinking - is it worth training yourself to use both equally? Or at least to use your non-dominant hand competently.
Of course you stil…

TV To Knit Things By Part 2 (NaMoBloPo #8)

A few weeks ago I did this post on TV series to knit along to. It got quite a few comments and hits and there were many suggestions. I thought I'd summarise them here.

Person of Interest
I've gone from knowing nothing to addict in just a few weeks. The main character is played by Jim Caveizel (on the left above) who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's film. He is sooooooo nice to look at but, sadly, it's 0/10 for removal of shirt. He plays an ex CIA black ops guy (i.e. he killed people cleverly) and, like Minority Report but secreter, there's a machine that knows when someone is going to be involved in a crime. Loads of conspiracy stuff, excellent supporting characters. All good.

Silent Witness
I've not loved this but Becky commented to say she'd fallen back in love with it so maybe I should try again. BBC website link here. I guess this is kind of the english equivalent to CSI so if you're non UK you may want to try this.

Miss Marple
Oh yeah baby. I only left he…

Books #42 - #46 (NaMoBloPo #7)

Knitting on the Green is up to book #95. Not that I'm in competition or anything but...hmph...

#42 Unseen Academicals
By Terry Pratchett

This is a reread since I am a total Pratchett addict and read them as soon as they come out. Whenever I want some intelligent comfort reading I turn to these and am in fact rereading another one at the moment. This story concerns the Wizards and the head of the night kitchen. You also get scenes with the Watch and the Patrician (who at one point becomes drunk and reminds me of another Alex I know). The key theme though is football and anyone who has ever stood on a terrace will recognise the rivalry and the people who weave this amazing story. These books are all well worth reading. 
#43 4.50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie Another comfort read and an old friend. This book was made for television three times with three different women playing Miss Marple. All have subtle differences and I'd forgotten that all differ from the book, so it was …

One More FO (NaMoBloPo #6)

I finished this at the weekend. I'd done the main ring a few weeks ago, having bought the pattern and fabric while in Somerset. The leaves, beads and a hanging loop were all that I added.
The leaves took a bit of experimentation. The instructions suggested using batting but I found this was too bulky so used a single layer of craft felt instead. One good tip - the leaves only need to have one 'nice' side so to make them I put right sides together and sewed *all* the way around. Normally you'd need to leave a gap to turn them inside out and then whip stitch the gap closed. Instead I used a seam ripper to slice lengthways along one side of the leaf and used that to turn it inside out, leaving all the edges intact.
A few riding hood red wooden beads from stash and I was done! This is a present for Mater so if you happen to see it Mumsy it will be on its way to you shortly.

If I were going to send xmas cards this year (it's not the cost of the cards that puts me off bu…

U'R Priceless Bloghop - Day One (NaMoBloPo #5)

I was very excited to get to be part of this as I've been a fan of frame purses for a few years now but had never used the 'sew-in' frames - only the glue ones. Having now completed a sewn one I think I'll be sticking with the glue in future but it was good to try.

I assembled my pieces... I decided, perhaps rashly, to use some leather type fabric in silver which I've had in stash, just waiting for the right project. I paired it with some sewing thread fabric that I really wish I had more of (let me know if you know where I can get some). 
I got going and followed the excellent instructions our lovely hostess had provided. I wish I'd sewn the lining first as I screwed up joining the points when I did the pleather. Getting points to meet has never been a strength for me - but then I am a bodger and would always opt to plough on instead of ripping and redoing. The second time, with the lining, it did work a tiny bit better.  A little bit of fiddling later and...t…

All Tucked Up (NaMoBloPo #4)

Remember this quilt?
Since the weather got colder I've had it on the sofa. It's great for snuggling under with my knitting.
It's the centre for a baby blanket which will have a fancy edging. I'm using James C Brett Cotton On which is  50% acrylic but minky soft, light and machine washable - all of which are essential for a summer baby. Yep - I'm getting a head start!