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Showing posts from December 2, 2012

Christmas Presents!

Since NoMoBloPo finished I've occasionally missed writing daily but it was pretty time consuming. And time is something lacking at this time of year...because it is Christmas!! First presents have been wrapped and flown the nest.
I love this style of wrapping. It's the most trouble I've ever taken but it does make them look sweet even before you see what's inside. Some of them have secrets inside but others I can share. There are a few embroidered objects...
(The blue ink is the vanishing pen that I need to get wet to vanish properly.) And maybe some insanely zany socks.
I don't know very much about the recipient but I understand he is not insanely zany so I keep sniggering when I imagine the look on his face when he sees them for the first time.

I've also been grafting away on my accessories for sister Siany's wedding on Monday. She's so clever. An 11% payrise despite being 5 months preggers. They clearly want to ensure she comes back because she's…

Anniversary Present

It's actually the anniversary of my divorce coming through today. Things between Pooch and I are going well so I'm not inclined to celebrate it. But in others news, my parents have been married for 20 years! This is Mumsy and Dad2, Rob. I started planning this cross stitch about 18 months ago so it won't surprise anyone that I only just finished it in time.
It is about 10" across and on 18ct white aida. Various dmc cottons used throughout with 2 strands out of the 6 used except for occasional outlining done just with 1 strand. Each of the items was chosen for a reason and it roughly corresponds to the 4 seasons, starting with spring bottom left and going clockwise.

This is me (on the left) and Sian (she who will be married next week and who has gotten me off the hook by having a baby, due next year). In the middle is Artemis, the mighty hunter and chicken fearer.
Then the fear inducing chickens, or at least, one chicken.
I was rather proud of this. Brown on the left a…