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Pooch and I swapped gifts early since he will be in Colne over xmas while I will be here in London. I got chopsticks, an amazing printed linen cloth with cat faces on it which I forgot to photograph and....washi tape.
I'd asked him to pick up couple as I've seen it on various craft blogs but the UK prices seem a bit OTT. Turns out the prices in Japan are just as bad but...

I've only got as far as unwrapping one roll to play with but I don't want to get caught in one of those 'saving it for something special' traps which so easily leads to hoarding. I'm therefore scouring Pinterest for ideas. Apparently it is wall friendly and I am rather taken by this:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
And you know I do rather like polka dots.

Having finished my christmas crafting I've got a few FOs to share. During my flu I wasn't capable of anything more complicated than a Frankie's 10-stitch blanket which I've made twice before. This one is d…

Google Doodle

Today's doodle was a long cartoon about Red Riding Hood. I loved the way the Granny's knitting saved the day. This is the final frame:
Awesome work Google!

Don't forget...

I've extended the sign up deadline to January 1st. You can read all about it and sign up here.

Oooo Quick! Sign Up!

I've extended the sign up deadline to January 1st. You can read all about it and sign up here.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Not being a religious person, Christmas for me is more about the food and festivities than anything else. And a major food staple for me is Marzipan Fruits.
This year's are from Waitrose. I know they are only shaped bits of marzipan and I know they're just covered in food colouring but when it comes together it results in so much more than just coloured marzipan. Each one is a magical christmas jewel. AND they taste good. I do like marzipan. Then of course there is the tree. I don't have one myself but was on hand to help decorate Mum's.
Yes, she does have the decorations my sister and I made as little ones. But she also has some more recent additions. The glass Father Christmas is one of my favourites.

I spent the weekend at Mum's getting over the last of my flu. I actually spent more than half the time I was there asleep but I guess that has helped since I was able to go back to work for almost a full day today. While down there I got some quality cat action. Art…