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My First Layer Cake

To clarify - fabric comes in metres (or sometimes yards). A fat quarter (FQ) is 18"x22" or an eighth of a yard. Jelly Rolls are a number of strips usually 2.5" wide by 44" long - which is the full width of the fabric. Charm Packs are squares of fabric, usually 5" square. Mini Charm Packs are 2.5" square. Layer Cakes are 10" square pieces of fabric. Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs and Layer Cakes are usually representative of a whole collection of fabric by a single designer. This is my first Layer Cake!
42 ten inch squares in 21 different designs and all of them awesome! Nancy Drew was my gateway to a life of crime addiction and I used to lap them up in my tender years before moving on to Agatha Christie.
When I heard there was a Nancy Drew fabric collection coming out I went full stalker and was not content until I had signed up for the Sew We Quilt bloghop (in my sidebar) and ordered my own Layer Cake. I also added an extra couple of half yards for bindin…

Books #47 - #58

The images are amazon affiliate links so click on them if you want to buy - but dudes, I'm only in it for the pictures.

At the start of the year I said I wanted to have read 60 books. I seem to have managed 58. I've been using to keep track and was up to 46 when I wrote my last review post in November.

#47 One Man Show
By Michael Innes

Probably one of the best Innes books I've read in a long time. Although there was a lot of long winded description it almost made sense and the plot twists and turns (it was like a freakin maze) were just extraordinary enough to keep me entertained as well as intrigued. In a nutshell - your detective goes to anart exhibition with his wife, sees a painting by a recently dead artist which is then stolen. Except it's all linked up with another stolen painting and it's not clear if the artist was murdered or not and what's happened to the woman upstairs and get the idea. 
I got this with a bundle of his o…