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Obligatory 2013 Mosaic

Here is approximately what I made in 2013.
Actually it was more than this - about another ten - but the Mosaic Maker will only let me have 36 pictures. There's been a lot of sewing but also enough knitting to keep it respectable. There has even been crochet, although I haven't had a chance to take a photo of the blanket I've currently got draped artistically over my pyjamas. Let's not mention all the projects I've started that either got ditched or await my renewed interest!

As Pooch remarked over dinner (consisting of crab's legs, pickles, rice, tempura and sashimi), if anyone had told us a year ago that as 2013 ended we'd be living together in Tokyo we both would have suggested they sod off. In fact if anyone had claimed to be sure we'd still be together now we probably would have told them to go and do it elsewhere. I've gained a niece, remarried Pooch, moved country, managed umpteen crises at work, left my job, become a housewife and eaten large…

Trip to Hakone and Mount Fuji

Pooch pondered and researched whether we should go away for a night before the new year week kicked off here for ten long days. He decided against on Thursday night then changed his mind at 8.30am on Friday and by 9.30am we were on our way. I am very happy he did! We headed for the Hakone area and stayed in the most amazing Hotel Fujiya. The whole area is interlaced with hot springs and is therefore absolutely packed when there are public holidays - like the new year week which most of the country gets off. That's why if we were going to go it really needed to be before the national getaway began. This is it.
You can't really see the hotel but if you click on the hotel link in the last paragraph you'll see how amazing it is. Very traditional and with its own public baths fed by the hot springs. There were bell hops inside who were actually dressed like this and bowed to greet you.
This is the view from our room, which was very old world luxurious with antique furniture and…

Final Books of 2013 #35 - #53

Click on the 'Book Review' label in the left menu for the other reviews. My others this year have been January, April and July so not exactly very frequent, but I have been reading the whole time so get ready for a motherload. Pictures are linked to am amazon affiliates account, but I just want them for illustrations so don't worry about the clicking through to buy thing.

#35 One Block Wonders Encore

An interesting way of making hexagonally tessellated quilts using triangles cut in strips based on the repeat of the fabric. You need a multiple of 6 repeats so depending on the length of the repeat and the size of your triangle this could eat up a lot of fabric. This is the technique used on one of my favourite quilts from this year's Festival. A la this one: The technique being basically what I just said, this book adds a few curve balls with ways to create 3-d effects and then fills up the rest with patterns. Good read but not really needed if you're just looking for…