Saturday, 5 January 2013

My First Layer Cake

To clarify - fabric comes in metres (or sometimes yards). A fat quarter (FQ) is 18"x22" or an eighth of a yard. Jelly Rolls are a number of strips usually 2.5" wide by 44" long - which is the full width of the fabric. Charm Packs are squares of fabric, usually 5" square. Mini Charm Packs are 2.5" square. Layer Cakes are 10" square pieces of fabric. Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs and Layer Cakes are usually representative of a whole collection of fabric by a single designer. This is my first Layer Cake!
Get a Clue Nancy Drew Fabric
42 ten inch squares in 21 different designs and all of them awesome! Nancy Drew was my gateway to a life of crime addiction and I used to lap them up in my tender years before moving on to Agatha Christie.
walkabout 32606
When I heard there was a Nancy Drew fabric collection coming out I went full stalker and was not content until I had signed up for the Sew We Quilt bloghop (in my sidebar) and ordered my own Layer Cake. I also added an extra couple of half yards for binding what I am sure will be a full size quilt. Of course, since I was ordering from an american supplier (I emailed EVERY UK fabric shop I could find and none were planning to stock it) I added a few more fabrics to my basket.
The three on the left add to my craft themed fabric stash for a quilt I plan for later in the year and the Strawberry Shortcake on the right *had* to be mine as it is the *exact* design I had as a child except mine was in yellow. I freaking loved SS. Original, of course. The modern one is waaaay too cutesy.

I've actually done a lot of knitting this week but have failed to take proper pics of the two baby cardigans I have made for my sister so I'll save them for another day. I have done a little sewing though.
Patchwork House
Finally made one of the little houses I've been ogling for months. The "Building Houses From Scaps" sew-a-long during 2012 has now concluded and you should go over there to see some of the finished ones. So amazing! I made this one using foundation paper but I think future ones will be pieced. I can't decide though whether to go for true scraps or a colour palette. While pondering that I put together a sheet of images to print on a sheet of magnetic stuff I found in a pound shop. 2 sheets for a pound in fact which seemed rather good.
Fridge Magnets
You just put it in your normal printer. The wedding photo and baby scan are for my sister and mum but then I thought no gift is complete without a magnet with my fizzog on it. Should I ever go missing this is the photo I want on the posters.
Self portrait
I think it captures not just my face but also my essence. I had reflected deeply on this quote from my Nancy Drew fabric, and I think we can all agree it does do wonders for my complexion.
Nancy Drew Fabric Quote


Just Carol said...

LOL! I need to make a photo of my mysterious expression (maybe not..I might scare some people.) I'm so excited about the Nancy Drew hop and can't wait to see what we all come up with. :O)


Looking forward to seeing what you do with that fabulous fabric. Happy New Year dude.

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