Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Opposite of Scorchio

We've had snow!
Snow in London
This basically means that everything has shut down. Flights cancelled, tubes on go slow, events cancelled. London doesn't do cold weather very well. Which is unfortunate considering...
London Weather Forecast 19 Jan 2013
It does mean perfect crafting weather - just right for snuggling up with your knitting or your sewing machine. Knit-wise I've not much to report. Progress has been made on the baby blanket and I've cast on for my cloud jumper but there's nothing worth showing so far. With sewing though - the first hexagon for my Nancy Drew blanket is done.
Nancy Drew patchwork Framed Hexagon
I've also got a bit furtrher with my dresden cushion cover.
Dresden Patchwork
I don't like it. I am going to redo the middle as that thick blue line is not working. I wish now I'd invisible applique'd both the centre (which I can fix) and the whole to the backing (which I think will damage it too much to be worthwhile).

My parents are en route for the rest of the weekend so I've made Challah which is rising on the radiator. We're hopefully going to venture out for an Indian tonight with the Pooch, who has been on good form recently. He's discovered scandinavian murder mysteries and is longing for his own The Killing jumper. Which led me to find a whole website dedicated to that one jumper. Now that's dedication.

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Becky said...

Goodness me that looks chilly - I was moaning about 14 degrees C yesterday morning - put it into perspective !

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