Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nancy Drew is a Clue

So frustrating. My Nancy Drew quilt is making me uber happy as it all starts to come together but I said at the end of January that I wouldn't be showing it again until it was finished. What to do....
Nancy Drew Heaxgons
Side on doesn't count right? Like side boobs don't count. I also made a start on my purchase from the Scrap Store last weekend.
Upholstery Fabric Hexagons
I'm deliberately playing with having the stripes running different ways to play with the texture. The fabric is thicker than the cord used in the original (picture in this blog post) and my y-seam skills are poor so it's not exactly perfectly flat.
Upholstery fabric
But still, it's an interesting experiment.

I feel I ought to mention in passing this bizarre situation that is going on in Europe about horse meat. Personally I have avoided Findus since they saw fit to retire the creamy bacon crispy pancake and can't remember the last time I bought burgers, but it seems increasingly likely all of us red meat eaters have been eating not-so-thoroughbreds for some time now. The big question in my mind is - where is all this horse meat coming from? It's not like the plains of Texas are covered in horses.
queen tweet
Well said Ma'am.

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