Sunday, 24 February 2013


I have added some new necklaces to my shop.
Spool Necklace 2
I have also updated my Stitchmarker packaging.
Little bit of a shop spring clean, rather than doing any actual cleaning. I was out with friends on Friday night and one said he felt strongly you should do your own cleaning. I am not a subscriber to this theory being more than willing to hand my cleaning off elsewhere. Although a natural extension to it would be that you should make your own clothes. And that I can relate to. I have cast on a new project - avoiding my previous malaise by deciding to knit something as a present.
Knitters know that unblocked lace looks like nothing so much as a pencil sketch of a scrotum so won't be surprised to hear this is going to be a glorious lace shawl. One day.

Things I'm finding intriguing at the moment...

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

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Rosie said...

Best description of unblocked lace ever.

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