Monday, 25 February 2013

Wrung Like A Chicken

Thirty minutes after meeting a man (whose name I can't now recall) for the first time I was semi-naked, oiled up and he had both his arms around me. Then he wrung me by the neck like a chicken. 
Chicken portrait :)
Another day, another medical professional. This one is an osteopath and has just caused me the most pain I've experienced since the days before my back operation. Then he cracked me, vibrated me with what felt a jackhammer and then zapped me repeatedly with a laser. 
On the other hand I do now feel considerably better. Plus having been subjected to that much pain I am obliged BY LAW to comfort myself. 
Hotel Chocolat bag
Current favourites are Cherry Deluxe, just in case anyone's buying...

Having not been able to look over my right shoulder properly for two months now it genuinely does seem to have eased after just this first session. And as knitting seemed to aggravate the problem I really had no choice but to seek a solution. Fingers crossed this does it. 

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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

When you knit, do you bend your head waaaaaaaay down to look into your lap, if so, try lifting your knitting some and not bending your head so far down for so long, and that should help as well. I had the same problem and nothing was helping, finally I figured it out myself.

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