Friday, 29 March 2013

Books For Free

I am destashing my books. They are all free - you just pay postage via paypal. I've put the weight and UK postage next to each one. I'll post internationally if you would like me to. This PDF from Royal Mail tells you how much it will be to your country.

Campion Bundle 1 - 750g, £2.20. Campion is a detective unlike others who describes himself as a "universal uncle". More info on wikipedia.
Campion Bundle 2 - 850g, £3.50
Campion Bundle 3 - 800g, £3.50
Campion Bundle 4 - 950g, £3.50
Campion Bundle 5 - 850g, £3.50

Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics - gone!

Men - 750g, £2.20. Classic reads for women plus a body language manual by an FBI profiler.
Alain De Botton Bundle 1 (top 3 books) - 950g, £3.50.
Alain De Botton Bundle 2 (bottom 2 books) - gone!.
The modern philosopher. I adore his writing which is very easy to digest while also being thought provoking.

Calm Cats - gone!

Gervase Fen - 950g, £3.50. Another unusual detective - an english professor who is always interfering while driving dangerously and generally being bizarre. Classic mysteries. More info on wikipedia.

All books are in a reasonable condition except the very old ones where the state of the spine indicates the fragility of the book. All you need to do is paypal me the postage for the bundle you want, using the paypal address littlelixieathot maildotcom, with a note to say which bundle it is for. I'll update this post to say which have gone and if you do happen to send me money for one that has been taken I'll refund it straight away so you won't lose anything. I'm also happy to combine postage and if it over about 1kg I can send by 'standard parcel' post which is about £5.30.

If people are interested in these I've got lots of other books to come. I haven't stopped reading - I'm just becoming a bit of a kindle convert plus this leaves me more room for craft supplies!


shadowbat said...

I thought I should ask first before taking to paypal. I'd like to have three bundles

-Alain De Botton 2
-Calm Cats

but depending on how you group them the postage price comes out differently. I know you'll have to spend on the packaging as well so whichever way is most convenient for you its fine for me :) Thanks!

shadowbat said...

Sent the payment, hope it will be all ok. Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like Alain de Botton set 1. Can't see the Paypal link. I'll follow you on Twitter then if you add me I could DM my details rather than publishing them here. Thanks.


Has Alain de Botton set 1 gone yet? If not, I would like it!

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