Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gurgle Gurgle

The title of today's post is partly a homage to Dad's Army (a favourite of one of my Dads and a phrase he frequently shouts at random) and partly a homage to my stomach which is making a noise like the percussion section in one of those orchestras who make their own instruments from plumbing equipment.
This weekend has been a frenzy of activity. The Nancy Drew Quilt is finished!!!!! So fricking exciting. So where are the pictures? Nope - not until Tuesday which is my day on the blog hop. I absolutely adore it. Can't wait to show it off. Apart from that I have a friend who will be popping one out in two weeks time and I have been pondering what to give as a baby welcoming gift. I have a little onesie and hat but wanted to make something too. So...
It is a lined pouch with a zip using this tutorial. It is rather nice because the ends of the zip are covered so it looks neater. I used the flannel from my Nancy Drew quilt and brightened it up with some ribbon scraps.
I am told these kinds of things are always useful either for toys or medicines or dummies or something else. Not knowing the gender I go with the colours the Mum likes. I plan to make a bigger oilskin box version for my sis although I've got 8 weeks grace before needing that one.

And in between all this sewing there has been masses of knitting. It's just that 60 rows in with 600+ stitches per row looks much that same as 10 rows in with about 200.
I am looking forward to blocking the bugger and seeing it in all its glory.

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