Thursday, 28 March 2013

Home from France Part 2

I said in my first post that the house was beautiful but it's the finishing details on top of the general decoration that make it a home. For instance, I was particularly taken with the terracotta tiles by one of the stoves.
Stove with Hexagon Tiles
My personal partiality for hexagons is well known (think Nancy Drew Quilt, Crocheted Cat Blanket and Hand Sewn Cushion {below} among other items)...
Patchwork Cushion Cover
...but thinking of them inevitably leaves me thinking about english paper piecing and a visit to nearby Longres and these windows in particular got me thinking of a new project which would be an additional detail to an already delightful home.
Stained Glass Window
A little fiddling in PowerPoint has given me a pattern and the paper pieces were cut out this afternoon while Doughty's got the all important fabric in the post to me. Expect progress soon on that and two other patchwork projects. 

Being away from London gave me a chance to think about how things are with me generally. Walks through this kind of scenery with forgotten train tracks leading who knows where would incline anyone to think about directions and destinations.
My Director has been unwell recently as the result of stress and it reminds me of my own breakdown which I suspect was pretty much 10 years ago exactly. Life seems to have been pretty active since then with boyfriends and a husband coming and going and then, in the case of the husband, coming back again. Things on that front are pretty good but there is still one thing missing from my life.
I've known many friends crave little people in their lives but it's always been the little people covered in fur with a tendency to meow which have been my focus. Sadly, one joining me still seems as far off as the idea of owning my own home which is not helped by being in London. Could it be that I'm finally ready to leave the capital? Wandering down tracks like this have left me with such thoughts.
Which just goes to show how dangerous it is to go on holiday. Especially not one filled up with gruelling sight seeing and endless 'experiences'. Not that I didn't have those too. For instance, tinned sprouts? Who saw that coming?
Tinned sprouts
And who but a true tourist takes a photo in the supermarket?

With travel and including audiobooks I have an enormous nine books to review so that will be coming soon, along with an update on my miniature quilt and latest knitting.

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