Monday, 29 April 2013

I Made 34 Envelopes

No reason at all. I don't write a lot of letters.
magazine envelopes
Bit odd. Just had an urge.

I am not considering only making it to day 4 of the knitting and crochet blog week as a failure. It is 57% completion. That could even be an A* in a bad GCSE year.

I had a very quiet weekend as I'm exhausted from work and I have a cold. I finished off the knitting on a cardigan and picked out buttons and then did a tiny bit of sewing.
clamshell patchwork
It's my first ever attempt at clamshell patchwork and used a technique described here.
I decided it was too jerky for me. I've since tried needle-turn instead and that was much smoother. It's an experiment before I begin seriously planning the pouch I'll make for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. I have so many ideas but I don't want to over-egg the custard.

My other project this weekend was finally putting together my succulent garden. I've been planning this for a year now and had been waiting for the growing season to start so I could be sure the succulents would take root properly. I had the Journey to the Centre of the Earth type sets in mind. 1959 I mean, obviously. Only a blurry shot of the whole.
succulent garden
But then...
This one goes pink along the edges if kept in direct sunshine.
Most importantly - very hard to kill both succulents and plastic animals.

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