Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 2 - Project Planning (4KCBWDAY2)

Day 2 is about thinking of or researching a project that embodies your house. I have just the thing...

I have joined a swap on Flickr for a small purse/pouch. To join you had to post an inspiration mosaic for your Partner to use when deciding what to make you. This is mine.
inspiration mosaic for purse swap
If you click on the image you'll find the links to the individual photos on Flickr. 

I've always found these mosaics (which anyone can make here) a useful way of gathering ideas. There's one from 2010 on resin pendants here. I've been putting a few together after seeing my partner's mosaic and very brief questionnaire. 
Hexagon button inspiration
Heather-Ross collage
Hexagon Embroidery Inspiration

I am also a great believer in letting the sub-conscious mull over a problem/idea and letting a solution occur over time. For instance I've been wondering what to do to with regards to quilting my hexagon handbag. During my 4am coughfest I decided pebbles was the way forward. 
detail of pebble quilting
It is one of the techniques I tried when I did a machine embroidery course and a bit of practice on scraps should get me back to a suitable standard again. 

The niece-in-progress is rapidly approaching FO status. I have therefore whipped up a couple more of these.
Box Pouches for Sian 2
The nursery has a seaside theme and the father is doing up an old VW van. I've followed this tutorial again but have added an end strap for hanging on to them.
Box Pouches for Sian 1
You just pop it in when sewing across the corners of one end of the outer fabric. A handy addition.


Genki said...

Making a mosaic as an inspiration board is a great idea!

katie metzroth said...

love the mosaic idea and your little bags are super cute!

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