Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pretty Pouches

My partner in the Pouch Swap seems to be an expert at this kind of applique.
So I'll be avoiding that. I am quite taken with this kind of thing:
But it is a bit simple. Plus I've been thinking of this kind of patchwork.
But then I also like the idea of a pocket on the outside. Plus I was thinking of having embroidery on one side. See what I meant in my last post about over-egging the custard?
But there are so many cute ideas in my head...
Or maybe I mean on Pinterest!
But then that is exactly why I like Pinterest. You can tuck those inspirations away for when you need them.
Oh but then maybe this?
Pinterest - angel or devil?

1 comment:

DeAnna S. said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful ideas! I need to get into Pinterest also!

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