Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

I haven't put so much thought into a swap since Secret Pal had it's heyday. I signed up for the 'advanced' category for this Pouch Swap and then got the heebies about whether I was good enough or what I was planning was advanced enough. I'm almost done and hope it's ok.
Patchwork pouch layout
I laid out my arrangement for the clamshell side then did needle-turn appliqué to secure them. I haven't done a lot of this so was worried it didn't look neat enough. So some Perle 5 and chain stitch later...
Clamshells embroidered
Chain Stitch Orange
For the other side of the pouch I wanted to continue the scrappy theme and the linen but try something different. I drew my design on some scrap cloth and then sewed the pieces straight onto it - like paper piecing (but not 'english' paper piecing like I do with hexagons).
I had a lot of scraps to choose from. My partner seems to like rainbow colour schemes so red yellow orange on one side meant blue green purple on the other.
The green's weren't working though so I ended up with this.
Embroidered Sky Burst
I appliqued a linen circle, this time using the freezer paper method which wasn't as time consuming as I'd thought, and chain stitched with more variegated Perle 5.
Chain Stitch
I really hope she likes it! And that just leaves me with the lining - which will be a plain fabric - and adding the metal purse frame. Phew!

I had a lovely time with the Romford Knitters yesterday which also meant I got hold of the last of my SkipNorth haul which I'd managed to leave at Nickerjac's house.
Vintage Buttons on Cards
I also got a box frame from Hobbycraft while I was there so will finally have a chance to do the button display I've been planning since at least February. Which reminds me. I pinned this earlier:
Good idea huh? I'm tempted but then home is where I relax so I don't want to feel pressured with a to do list looming over me. Will think about it though.

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