Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crafting Tired

I came home last night and picked up a pin cushion I was halfway through making. I sewed the back and front together the wrong way round, so I unpicked it and put them the right way round and sewed them again. This time I forgot to leave a gap so I unpicked some of the seam and turned the buggery thing inside out. Then I realised I'd forgotten to add the hanging loop. I put the pin cushion down and walked away.

Today I am even more tired and only had half an hour to craft. I decided to stuff and sew up the hole in the pin cushion. The nice oval pincushion is now a kind of kidney shape. I'm just not intended to include this thing with the pouch swap parcel. So instead, here is that handbag I made a few weeks ago.
Patchwork Handbag
I put *a lot* of work into this and have put it through a test drive following which I can confirm the frame has a fatal flaw and it is too small for my use.
Patchwork Handbag
The handle being on just one side means it is liable to flop open if there is too much in it. Whch there will be because it's not big enough for even my minimum swag. Plus, behold the reason I hate sew in frames.
Patchwork Handbag
So messy. Not like my nice glue ones. But despite this...
Patchwork Handbag
...I really do rather love it. Hand sewn hexagons with my favourite pebble style machine embroidery on top.
Patchwork Handbag
Two different variegated threads - one on each side.
Patchwork Handbag

I am so tired because this week is epically busy at work. I have to give a talk tomorrow too. Put me in front of a group as the sole trainer for a training event and I'm fine. Put me in front of a group of people as part of a panel each giving a talk and I'm much less fine. Plus it's streaming live on youtube. Now who's bright idea was that? Oh yes, mine.
Self portrait B&W
Man, I'm awesome. Craft on mofo's.


Anonymous said...

Kidney shaped huh? All you need is to unpick and make yourself a new liver, pancreas, stomach, bladder, a couple of lungs and a large and small intestine and you will have back-ups! :-) If only it was that easy...... I hope the week gets better for you.

Spinningfishwife said...

I LOVE that handbag. LOVE.

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