Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sunshine and Nature

It has been a warm few days but with only small amounts of sunshine. I did manage to capture this though on my way to the station.
The trees along the road are in full bloom and while these don't smell very strongly there are other smaller plants that do so there is a little sensation zone as you progress down the road. I was also stimulating my sense of taste at the weekend with my first ever Frittata.
It looks fairly ghastly but tastes delicious. I used goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, salty black olives and then aubergine and shallots oven baked in olive oil beforehand. Six eggs and a glug of milk and voila! I made it in a bread tin to get the depth without having to make a huge quantity.

When thinking of sunshine and light I remembered that I invested in a cheap one of these...
Photo Tent
...for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week where you were supposed to do a day on a skill. Mine was going to be photography since I've long noticed that my iphone photos were looking better than the ones with my proper digital camera with all sorts of settings. Having read a few tutorials this seemed like the best option and was about £9 on ebay. I used it to take some of the photos in yesterday's post.
Vintage carded buttons
I need to play some more and practice but it does help with the light. Here is another of a WIP.
Knitted Monkey Face
I am knitting the Norwood Monkey for my niece-in-progress. That is the face, in case it is not clear.

My last thoughts on light prompted me to take a photo of my Succulent Garden which has now been settling down for a week after planting.
Succulent Garden a Week Later
Those two succulents I planted which had been all closed up are bow open and looking beautiful. I love the range of colours! But I do feel I need a small dinosaur or two. Very small - like railway person sized. I will keep an eye out for one.

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Blue Moth said...

I guess you did not take this to Japan. But you could put your little wrestling guys in it!

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